Is Body Contouring Right For You?

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Do you have sagging skin, uneven skin texture, large pores, fine lines or wrinkles, and unwanted fat?

Morpheus8™ is non-surgical advanced technology combining the power of radio-frequency energy with adjustable depth micro-needling to address a variety of skincare problems.

This treatment comfortably penetrates the skin at a deeper level than other micro-needling treatments, transforming your complexion and restoring more youthful skin. It is the only treatment that can mold fat under the skin to obtain optimal results. Contouring and refining the subdermal layers will enable a more detailed approach to sculpting your face and body naturally.

If you have stubborn fat in an area that you cannot get rid of or are looking to tighten up a few things, then our body contouring treatment with Morpheus8 is perfect for you!

What does it treat?

Skin tightening

Acne scars

Surgical scars

Stretch marks

Fine lines and wrinkles


    Key benefits are


    Deep and safe fractional treatment generating 4000 microns with an additional thermal profile of 1000+ microns.

    Extremely uniform effect.

    Little to no thermal damage to the outer skin layer.

    Safe on all skin types.

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