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Is it a good idea to go for a hydra facial before a big event?

Sep 15, 20234 Views

We all know the hype around facials and its ever increasing types. From organic to herbal facials. From acne prone to skin brightening facials. From anti-aging to hydra facials, we come across tens and hundreds of facial treatments that promise a younger looking, smooth and bright skin. Whether you’re trying to subtle the signs of […]

Botox or Derma Filler? Choosing the Right option for you

Aug 30, 2023974 Views

Botox and derma fillers are both non-surgical medical procedures carried out for skin rejuvenation. Botox and derma fillers have emerged as popular skin rejuvenating techniques in the derma fraternity. Both these procedures target skin issues that come with ageing such as frown lines, forehead lines etc. While this is a counter treatment, it is also […]

How Long Do Under Eye Fillers Last?

Aug 15, 2023425 Views

Dark circles and under-eye bags are a nuisance to deal with. It’s as if no amount of serums or eye creams can diminish the darkness lurking under your lashes — and that’s because you can’t! Most of the time, dark circles result from dehydration, lack of nutrients, and genes. But that’s where under-eye fillers come […]

Ready, Set, Lose: 7 Tips on How To Start A Weight Loss Journey

Jul 30, 2023816 Views

With summer looming over our heads, the pressure of narrowing into the perfect beach body is real. But no matter how badly you might want to magically shed off the weight, that’s not how it works. In order to healthily get rid of the excess body fat, you have to brace yourself and embark on […]

Revitalizing Beauty: Discover the Enchanting Benefits of HydraFacial

Jul 15, 2023812 Views

Let’s be honest — who doesn’t aspire to have glowing and youthful-looking skin? Skincare requires a lot of dedication and effort. But what if you didn’t need to invest in a plethora of oils, serums, creams, and a multi-step skincare routine? That is exactly why HydraFacial is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and for the right […]

The Wrinkle Eraser: How Does Botox for Under Eye Lines Work?

Jun 30, 20231139 Views

You’ve probably heard of Botox — the miraculous injection that can straighten out the folds of your face. Be it laugh lines or under-eye wrinkles, botox can get rid of them all. Plus, since it’s so minimally invasive, you don’t even feel the needle penetrating your skin. It’s just that painless! But what exactly is […]

Can You Shave After Laser Hair Removal? | 5 Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind

Jun 15, 2023695 Views

Laser hair removal has taken the cosmetic world by storm. Even though there are numerous hair removal methods, from hair removal creams to magic stones, the effectiveness of laser hair removal is unmatched. However, because of this feature, most people believe that it only takes one zapping session, and all your hairy troubles are gone […]

How Often Is Too Often? | A Guide On Getting A Professional Facial

Apr 30, 20231288 Views

It’s an old belief that you should get a facial every 4 weeks since that is how long it takes for skin cells to regenerate. However, that is not exactly true. According to new research and studies, it takes skin cells around 40 to 56 days to float from the dermis layer to the surface. […]